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Welcome to Be Naturally Healthy:

Registered Nutritionist & Naturopath London & Essex


Naturopathy UK – What I do

I am Caroline the owner of Be Naturally Healthy. I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath in London, having studied at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. Whilst there I completed one year in Biomedicine and Human Sciences and two years in Naturopathic Nutrition which included 200 hours of practical clinical experience. Functional medicine in London is becoming more popular, so read on to find out more!

I use a combination of nutritional therapy, natural healthcare and lifestyle medicine to help people transform their lives.


My passion for Naturopathic Nutrition & Functional Medicine

I discovered Alternative Medicine and Functional Medicine approach quite by chance. I was beginning to take an interest in my own health and was very aware that the health & wellness scene was blossoming around me.

I had started to listen to podcasts as a welcome distraction from a boring commute and this day I stumbled across one by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a prominent Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Cell Biologist. What he was saying quite literally blew me away. He had discovered that he could take a human cell and by changing the environment he could turn it into any type of cell, heart, liver, etc. Furthermore, he believed that only 5 % of disease is genetic and the rest we have control over, by altering our environment.

Here was someone who was a qualified medical doctor, turning the head on conventional medicine.

He explained that Functional Medicine practitioners spend a minimum of an hour with each of their patients. During a consultation they take the time to understand their individual biochemistry, genetic and lifestyle factors and uses this information to create a personalized treatment plan, combining natural medicine, herbal medicine, and dietary modifications. I remember thinking, did he say “on average he spends 1 hour on each appointment!”

I had been struggling with my own health concerns and felt totally lost and unsupported during the 5-minute appointments I was able to grab with my GP!

Dr. Bruce Lipton explained that conventional doctors are focused on treating symptoms and managing these with drugs rather than taking time to find and treat the root cause of an illness. This made total sense to me and seemed so obvious.

The more I read, learned and listened the more it became very clear that this type of practice and using natural therapies was getting amazing results. People who had been living with long-term, chronic diseases were able to live with the absence of disease.

I wanted to join this pioneering movement and really make a change.

This spurred me to research what training was available here in the UK and I finally embarked on my diploma in Naturopathy and Nutrition, which is very much routed on the principals and teachings of Functional Medicine.


My philosophy

I know that people are overwhelmed with food choices and the clamor of wellness trends, I used to be one of those people. I have tried every diet regime, wasted hundreds of pounds on the latest ‘magic’ pill, powder, superfood, book or bio-hack. I have been there – I too have had to hide my Amazon deliveries from my partner! I have had anxiety about not having the ‘perfect morning routine’ and made myself sick trying to conform to the newest wellness trend. Only to be left disappointed when it didn’t work and I was back to square one, poorer, without a plan and a desperate desire to be well.

Clients come to me as a nutrition consultant with complex health problems such as digestive issues, anxiety, low mood, brain fog, insomnia or weight gain – they are burnt out and with an ever-expanding list of symptoms. They desperately want to improve their health but don’t know how. I have had clients say to me that they don’t even know what to eat anymore! This is why naturopathy in UK is gaining traction!

My clients learn intuitively which foods make them feel great and those they need less of. They gain mental clarity and feel more energized than ever before.

Would you like to join them?

In my practice, I go beyond the noise and societal whims and provide each client with a plan based on science and individualised to their biology. I use simple tenets, get the diet dialed in and provide natural nutritional medicine that works for the whole person and the whole world they live in! If you can relate to this, are ready to transform your health and are searching for a “naturopath near me”  I would love to hear from you and arrange some nutritional consultations.

“The way you get started is to quit talking and start doing”. Walt Disney.


Rapid Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D is essential for vitality. Modern life is making it harder to get the daily optimal dose from diet and sunshine alone. One in five...


The first step to uncovering what is holding you back from achieving your health goals

Consultation & Hormone Testing

The next step on the path to transforming your health


For ‘conventional medicine’ to become ‘alternative medicine’ in the treatment of some chronic conditions.


My vision is to create healthy communities by connecting people to themselves and the whole world they live in.


Ultimately my goal is to reduce the suffering of my clients. I work to find the root cause of a clients dis-ease and support them to find a path to better health. I act with integrity in all I do and will only partner with people who share these values.

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