When it comes to your health, it is quite easy to make short-term changes, and hopefully, feel the benefits. It’s a lot harder to know if these changes are beneficial for your long-term health. If you are anything like me, it’s this that I worry about the most – am I aging well? I want to know if what I’m doing today is going to impact my health further down the line.

Doctors know that blood is a window into your health, it is why they routinely request blood tests when a patient feels sick. But, here’s the problem, your results are benchmarked against the average results of the clientele of the blood testing laboratory. Who are the primary visitors to the laboratory? Well, you were probably sitting next to them in the doctor’s waiting room!

When your GP tells you that your results are ‘normal,’ this actually means that compared with other patients, you are not ill enough yet!

When you stop and think about this, it is just CRAZY

I have a suggestion. Why not use these same, well researched, scientific biomarkers and see if they are within a range which is health-promoting rather than disease-forming, known as optimal ranges?

Why not use these same biomarkers and look for patterns which could provide clues to long-term health risks?

Why wait until your body starts to fire off warning signals that all is not well when you could catch issues before they become a problem. You can concentrate on optimising markers of health and wellbeing.

Why not have a test that is priced reasonably enough so that people can run it periodically across the year so they can track their health in real-time.

That is why I have introduced a new blood testing service, Track Your Health Markers “TYHM,” (which I’m pronouncing as “time”)!

So, you can begin to understand the areas of your health that require more of your focus. If you can control these blood values, you can have the confidence that you are taking a proactive approach to your health, not just winging it!

Rather than focusing on specific diseases, the results will provide the status of vital functions within the body. For example,

Essential Nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals)
Kidney & Liver Function
Cholesterol Status
Immune Function
Metabolic Health
Thyroid Function
And SO much more….

If these are not running optimally, then cracks in your health are going to begin to show.

The process is straightforward.


Complete a questionnaire about your current health concerns, health history and goals, diet & lifestyle.


Book in for a blood test which measures a baseline of 43 parameters that are associated with good health. (Blood draws are done by a private phlebotomist, in comfortable surroundings, in Epping, Harlow, & London).


Receive a personalised 6 point health improvement plan, advising on nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise, supplement & herbs, & further diagnostic tests (if applicable).


Book a free 30-minute consultation, either in person or remotely, to discuss your results (this is optional).

More details are found on my website under ‘Services’ or email at Caroline@benaturallyhealthy.co.uk.

Thank you for your time!