The consultation process

What you can expect

 Prior to a consultation

Before booking your appointment I suggest we have a 15-minute chat to discuss your situation and how I can help. Then we can hopefully get you booked in.

Prior to the initial appointment, you will be sent a health questionnaire and a 4-day food diary to complete and return. It is deliberately very detailed and in itself can be a very cathartic process. The information you provide helps me build a story of who you are and allows me to research scientific literature in advance of our meeting so that you get the most from the consultation. It is also helpful if you send any blood work or health test results you have.

During a consultation

Typically the first consultation will last 60 mins and be held every 3 – 6 weeks. I prefer to meet in person for the first appointment at my clinic in Epping.

If this is not practical it can be conducted remotely.

We discuss your symptoms and explore any issues arising from the health questionnaire. Each clients experience will be different depending on their personal needs and the level of support required. It is a chance for me to understand any barriers to wellness you have and what is practically achievable for you.

After the consultation

Within 72 hours of your appointment, I will send your personalised dietary, lifestyle and supplement plan with supporting menu ideas and clinical handouts. I may also suggest you have some health tests which are commonly referred to as functional tests (details of which are below).

On receipt of the plan, I offer a 15 mins telephone conversation to discuss any concerns you may have.

I would normally like to meet with you again within 3 – 6 weeks.

How many appointments will I need

This depends very much on your short and long-term health goals. Nutritional Therapy is a step-by-step process and usually requires a few sessions to reach your goals.

Functional tests

I might suggest you run some health tests. This is a fast track way of identifying what could be driving your condition. It can save you a lot of time, effort and money if we test not guess! I will always start with a standard blood chemistry panel which can be run by your GP or privately. From here it may be necessary to explore more specific concerns. I use just a handful of scientifically backed tests that can provide insights into your own biochemical individuality and help support decisions concerning future food, supplement, and lifestyle modifications. Tests may require a sample of urine, hair, blood or your stools.

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