Hormone & Gut Rehab Programme

This is the path back home to feeling like yourself again

Hormone & Gut Rehab Program, we address the root cause of potential imbalances and create a personalised protocol, so you feel like you again! This is for those who are serious about investing in their health.


This program must be used within 16 weeks of the initial consultation


This is just an example as everyone’s Hormone Rehab journey is slightly different.

First, we have an initial consultation, so I can get to know you as a person. Together we will look at your health history, genetic predisposition, current diet, and lifestyle, and your mental and emotional health. We also order your GI Map Test.

Once your results are in, we meet again, and your program begins. I outline your personalised nutrition plan, with recipes and a hormone-friendly eating schedule. You’ll also get a personalised supplement protocol, using herbs, targeted nutrients based on your unique needs. We schedule the best time to take your DUTCH Hormone Test.

Once your DUTCH Hormone test results are in, we meet again and continue with your wins and adjust your protocol to support your progress.

Throughout the 12 – 16 weeks, we will meet in person four more times for  30-minute check-in sessions> This is a chance to see what’s working well for you and to fine-tune your protocol to maximise your progress.

Finally, you get to enjoy the results of your hard work!

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