Say, hello to my ‘LIVER LOVING 14 DAY CLEANSE!’

Your liver works hard for you, and now it’s time to give back.  

Banish the bloat, revive your energy and press the reset button on your health!  

This is a 14 day ‘done for you’, cleanse, which includes:  

Who needs this?

I use this cleanse for some of my clients on my SIGNATURE PROGRAMME  when they need a reset. It can be so transformational to their health that I have decided only to offer this as a stand-alone cleanse for a short time.

So, how do you know if you need to do this cleanse?

If the answer to these is yes, then this is a great way to hit pause on some of your bad lockdown habits and put your health front and centre.

Why is this different from other cleanses?

This ‘Liver Loving 14 Day Cleanse’ incorporates three essential principles we need to remove toxins from our body. This all gets a bit sciency, but it’s good to understand.

NUMBER ONE mobilise

In its incredible wisdom, the body will pull toxins from our bloodstream and store them in our fat cells to keep us safe. For us to be able to remove them, the toxins need to be let out of jail, and freed via a process called lipolysis. The best way to do this is by combining calorie restriction, time-restricted eating, and exercise. All of which form part of this cleanse.

NUMBER TWO detoxification

Once the toxins have been liberated, they will be floating around as fatty acid compounds. These are quite tricky for us to deal with, so they need to be converted into a water-soluble compound before we can excrete them out. We need to ensure that all detoxification pathways are open and working as best, or we will have just added fuel to the ‘inflammtion fire.’ A wide variety of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, accompanied by specific supplements, are your friends here.

NUMBER THREE excretion

Now you need to get those bad boys out! We do this via sweat, urine, and poop! By using supplements that bind and draw out the toxins, you can amplify this process.


Here is what it is not!


Juice cleanses work by flooding your body full of nutrients, antioxidants and resting your digestion. Which is great, and we also do this. But, juice cleanses do not target the detoxification pathways within the body. Most don’t contain enough fiber to bind and remove the toxins, so people often feel worse shortly afterward.


 I design the food plans to gradually reduce your calories across the days and incorporate lots of tasty, nutrient-dense, satiating foods. This is not a diet!  


You won’t be stuck in the kitchen for hours on end, washing, peeling, and chopping. If you only want to cook a few different dishes across the weeks, that’s fine! I design the food plans to fit into your lifestyle.


I think it’s important to be realistic. While you will, 100% see improvements in your health. There is a limit to what can be achieved in 14 days. Anyone suggesting otherwise is fibbing!



Heard enough and want to get cracking?!

Your investment is £185 (which includes the supplements)

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