Functional Tests

Stop guessing and start testing

If you really want to achieve your health goals it will require attention to your diet, sleep, gut health, stress, and hormones. If one or more of these areas is out of balance you are going to be swimming against the tide and it will take extreme effort on your part.  This can be made much simpler by using targeted tests to understand the root cause of your health concerns.

Here are some of the tests I use regularly with my clients.

Dutch Test (urine)

Used to better understand your full hormone status so we can build a targeted protocol to get you feeling yourself again.

Stool Tests

Brilliant for revealing any hidden pathogens and chronic infections (which can cause anxiety, IBS type symptoms, fatigue, food cravings, the list goes on).

Organic Acid Test (urine)

It provides insights into your metabolism and nutrient status of some key vitamins and minerals. Armed with this information we build a program to correct imbalances.

Regular Blood Testing

We take the same biomarkers as your GP but deep dive into the results looking for patterns of dysfunction.  This is super helpful when your GP states your tests are ‘normal’ but you know that something is wrong.  It is a very cost-effective method of tracking progress.





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