Carly, London

I have worked with Caroline for the last 4 months as I want to lose weight because I am concerned I was pre-diabetic. After the first session, I felt that she had a really good idea of the meals I would be likely to stick with. I am Italian and if she had of taken pasta dishes away from me it just wouldn’t have worked, instead, we came up with some really clever and tasty alternatives which allowed me to still eat the foods I enjoyed. She also suggested I try intermittent fasting which I hadn’t heard of but trusted her judgment, so gave it a go.

The fasting really worked for me, I found it easy to stick to and have lost weight easier than I imagined. What I hadn’t expected was to feel so much happier in myself. She encouraged me to find something to feed my soul which spurred me to volunteer backstage at my local theatre. I feel fully motivated to stick with the plan.