Lisa, London

I had noticed that my energy levels had taken a real dip and my work was beginning to suffer. I also had bad brain fog and some days I felt like I couldn’t string a cohesive sentence together and for someone in their 40’s, this wasn’t great.  I also had really bad tummy bloating which had been going on for at least 4 years and no-one seemed to know what to do to help.  I had been to my GP and my iron was low so we had been supplementing it but my levels weren’t changing.

After one hour with Caroline at Be Naturally Healthy she recommended I ask my GP for a stool test for a gut bacteria and told me to stop taking the iron supplements, I thought she was mad!

Well, the test came back positive and Caroline explained that the bacteria were using my iron as a source of food. It was a major breakthrough for me and my GP!